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I'm Sorry to say.

I'm ending my blog for now. However, I'll continue to have videos on You Tube.

Thank you so much, and discover much within. Bill Dugger.

My new email address is: dallasgirl79at hotmail dot com


The Number One Solution to World Problems.

There's a belief that the human race is made up of millions of individuals. That is a "flat earth" belief that is killing us. Nature created us to be not an individual minded society, or group of nations, but a communal minded world, united in giving and re-giving to each other. That is the true "love thy Neighbor" way nature intends fo us. Here's my video on the subject of being communal, rather than individual. Communal minded is giving of one's great creative self, rather than the emotional individual self.

Thank you.


Redefining Death.

You can only know the true definition of death from meditating into the light of your inner God-Consciousness. Here's why in this video. Thank you. 


The Most Difficult Thing to do in Life.

Hello, and here's the most difficult skill we must learn in life, yet it is the most rewarding. Thank you.


How Your Body is Unique and Perfect.

The following video explains how God works with us and our thought waves seeds in order to create our bodies. You, and your body is a perfect work of art. Thank you.