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The Difference Between the Brain and the Soul.

You are learning from, and at the same time, seeking your genius mentality when you enjoy the following experience.

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Hello to All My Faithful Readers.

I love to hear from you, and will answer every question, and address eveyr comment. However, my email and comment link cannot be used. I'm told that I will have to purchase a new program for installing them, and this I'm not is a position to do. The following are ways to contact me, and please feel welcome to use them.

1. For private comments and questions ---- Type my email address into yoursend box and send me your questions and comments. This email address needs to be typed in as:

Be sure to type it in because it will not work from this site.

2. Go to YouTube and search my name, Bill Dugger. You can leave a comment on my channel there, and I'll answer the following day.  Please understand the comment will be public. Thank you.


What is Body Sensing?

Our sensing bodies are not life, as most people believe, they actually manifest life of the living being that centers the bodies. God is within everything.

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Brain smart or Mind smart.

We must be brain smart in order to follow God’s directions. There again, we must Mind smart to even hear those directions.

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Your Place of Intelligence.

Surprise, your intelligence is not in your brain, but the brain is needed to express your intelligence.

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