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What is Body Sensing?

Our sensing bodies are not life, as most people believe, they actually manifest life of the living being that centers the bodies. God is within everything.

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Brain smart or Mind smart.

We must be brain smart in order to follow God’s directions. There again, we must Mind smart to even hear those directions.

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Your Place of Intelligence.

Surprise, your intelligence is not in your brain, but the brain is needed to express your intelligence.

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What is Consciousness?

There are many definitions of consciousness, but no one can define it without actually forgetting the sensing body, and experiencing the illumining presence of the ecstatic self.

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What is Death?

Your light is where you escape from your body into. Therefore, it  is only your electric sensing that dies, and not you, or even your body pattern. Allow me to explain.

Right now, as you are what you think, that thinking is being printed on your soul pattern. You are a creature that thinks thoughts that are making you what you are. This is why you  are unique. Being unique means that you are neither good nor bad, according to the universe, because thinking is neither good nor bad.

When we “die”, our body sensing dies, but our consciousness, which thinks is dominant. Our bodies manifest our thinking, but do not think. Upon death, a period of time goes by before our body pattern is ready to give birth to the next reincarnation.

Your body, which came from and returns to, humanity, which came from and returns to earth, repeats from the motion of “life” to stillness, which is called “death”.

In other words, our bodies are given life, which is love, and our bodies re-give back to God in the form of “death”, which is the re-giving of love. Both life and death are nothing but the giving and re-giving of love. Thank you.