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About Bill Dugger

I live in the same area I was born and raised in, the midwest. I have an Associate Degree in Electronic Tech. Engineering, IET, 1969, Paducah, KY. Retired from a 47 year membership in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 702.

 I'm also a 1989 Practitioner of NLP, Chicago Institute and a current member of the International Toastmasters Club. I volunteer speeches to the inmates of the Marion Federal Penitentiary every Friday evening. Please click the following video. I've got a little story to tell; bring your tea with.


Thank you so much, have an absolute ecstatic day! Bill Dugger.

Oh yes, the one thing that changed my life was learning to read music and play the classic guitar. I won an amateur competition when I was 17 years old; after that I moved on with my life, but I've always love the Baroque music. Here's a recording of the kind of music I played. It will recharge your day!

 Thank you so much, enjoy the recharge.