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This Science will change your life if you use it.

Hello Again,

Please allow me to talk a bit about this wonderful science brought to us by Dr. Walter Russell and Lao Russell. Take a look at my video to see how I plan to present it to you. This is not something you learn from the brain, but from the Ecstatic Light within you.

I'll use the simple seesaw system to help you achieve a greater understanding of God's ways and processes in nature. You'll have a totally new concept of what you are and what your life purpose is when you use this science. I also guarantee that if you meditate the very essence of each of my posts, you'll discover that wonderful ecstatic one being within you. That Ecstastic One has always been with you, but much material thinking and doing has caused you to forget what you really are and what your true purpose is. Let us begin to change that situation right now and enjoy the balanced results in our lives. Now, why not take a moment to relax, watch the music video, and meditate some of the beautiful nature images you see there. Then read posts and watch the videos often. They are designed to help you find your inner self, almost without trying. That is, if you read and watch often. Take the time to really meditate the life principles given here, then think about them throughout your day. Much mystery is alive in us. Let's discover it now! Remeber this, we know more about the moon than we do the ocean, and we know more about the ocean than we do about ourselves.

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